Hunan Normal University of China donates 3000 masks to MD.H

On April 20th, Hunan Normal University of China donated 3000 masks to our university, providing security for our faculty, staff, logistic and security personnel, and international students who stayed in the front line of epidemic prevention and control. Prof. Christian Malterer on behalf of our university, we express our sincere thanks to Hunan Normal University of China, and express our mutual help and mutual assistance during the different periods of international anti-epidemic.

Our teachers and students will forge a deep friendship in the battle against the new crown epidemic, a battle for all mankind. Hunan normal university international department has been paying close attention to the situation of our teachers and students from the beginning to the end of the epidemic prevention and control stage in germany, and expresses the hope that the donated materials can help the prevention and control of the epidemic situation in berlin media design institute, and expects the two sides to further strengthen exchanges and cooperation.

At present, when the critical period of prevention and control of the epidemic situation in Germany is in short supply of all kinds of protective materials, Hunan Normal University of China Department of our school friendly cooperation school, this free donation of masks, showing the care of our school teachers and students, the German epidemic situation, as well as the international humanitarian spirit of fighting the epidemic together.